• S Ismailov
  • А Ismailova
  • Zh Daurenbayeva
  • Ya Partiev
  • V Meshalkin


Ключевые слова:

Air Vehicle, Atmospheric Satellite, Unmanned Air Vehicle, Electromotor Glider, Automatic Control System, Information system, Automated Workplace, Glider, Aerodynamics, Theoretical Model, Mathematical Model, On-Board Devices, Autopilot.


In the process of obtaining a theoretical model and developing an automatic control
system for an atmospheric satellite (AS) in the form of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV),
methods of mathematical and simulation modeling, software tools and environments for
modeling, developing on-board monitoring and control systems and for performing
engineering calculations were used in the constructing and designing of unmanned air
vehicles. In the process of developing an automated control system for AS unmanned air
vehicles the following developments were obtained: a program code and a prototype autopilot
was compiled; composed program code and prototype of the control system for the power
plant, servos and camera; compiled program code and prototype of the power management
subsystem; developed the structure and composition of the automated AS; developed the
structure and composition of information support; virtual on-board instruments were
developed. Main design and technical - operational indicators: measurement errors on-board
devices were reduced, created by the influence of internal electromagnetic fields from
electronic equipment. Applying area: main areas of application of unmanned systems in the
form of AS unmanned air vehicles will be border and law enforcement, anti-terrorism
measures, detection of emergency situations and liquidation of their consequences,
environmental monitoring and protection of natural resources, monitoring of industrial
facilities, transport and energy infrastructure, as well as agricultural land. Development of the
system of control, management and information support of AS unmanned air vehicles will
allow the country to create and manufacture domestic integrated, mobile navigation and
control stations of unmanned air vehicles for various purposes.